Esme – Roseville Newborn Photographer

This beautiful little girl with amazing hair came to see me at ten days old.  What a gorgeous, sweet baby girl.  Her big brother was absolutely handsome and so loving with her.   The session was done in my studio, in Roseville, CA.  When you come to my studio, you as the parents can watch the session  from my seating area or make yourself at home in the living room (also where we wrap the babies and feed them).  I always have snacks and drinks available and many families will send dad out to pick up lunch.  I always have music playing and we have such a good time, I try to make it a great experience to always remember.  This family was such a pleasure to spend time with and I might add that they were so beautiful to photograph!  Here are just a few of my favorites from Esme’s newborn session.

Mother’s Day Sessions – Roseville Family Photographer

I am so behind in blogging.  It’s been busy around here!  Here are a few of the beautiful mommies that came out for my mother’s day mini sessions.  I had a fun time and I hope you all did too.  I know you and your children will cherish these pictures and memories in the future.  Hope to do this again next year!

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions! – Roseville Family Photographer

I’ve decided to offer Mother’s Day Mini Sessions this year!  Mini Sessions do not happen very often, so Mamas here is your chance!  I bet if you you showed me  your camera roll right now it would be filled with your adorable kids and maybe a few selfies.  I get it!  Mine is the same way.  I don’t have very many pictures with my own mom when I was little either, but I wish I did.  This session, I want to capture real moments with you and your little ones.  Give the gift to yourself and your kids this year!  I have just  a couple slots left so please contact me as soon as possible.  Sessions are being held on Saturday April 14 and Saturday April 21.

Alexis – Roseville Family Photographer

Alexis is graduating from 8th grade this year and we thought we would take some pictures to celebrate!  She is an AMAZING dancer.  I have gone to one of her performances and was seriously moved to tears.  I know she is going to be so successful in whatever she chooses to pursue, but I hope she always continues with dancing because she has such a gift.  We love you Alexis! ♥










Oden – Roseville Family Photographer

It’s hard to believe this little guy is already 7 months old!  Sitting up, crawling, and standing…it seems like I just did his newborn pictures.  As I’m typing this, I am realizing that I never posted his newborn pictures!!!  Shame on me!  They were so cute too, I’ll have to post them soon.


Caught him before he crawled away lol….