Graduating Senior – Nick

I was anticipating this shoot for a couple months.  It was my pleasure to photo Nick for his senior portraits…he made it way to easy for me 🙂

Sometimes, I wasn’t sure if he was just mad at me……..but, I love his piercing eyes.

We did get a few smiley ones too 🙂

These are Nick’s brothers Jacob, and Matthew….how incredibly handsome are all 3 of these guys?  My goodness.

Little guys are a challenge to photo sometimes…but I think he did great!  🙂  High five, Matthew!

Not sure if this one needs a caption.  My goodness.  No, I did not enhance those eyes.

Lisa, thank you for humoring me.  I’m sure you will be so glad to have this family photo in the years to come.  I love it.

Model.  🙂

Had to get one of Jacob too.  I didn’t even pose him like that, he was just waiting like this while I was taking Nick’s photo…and always ready with that smile.  Easy-peasy.

Love it.

Congratulations Nick!!!  I wish nothing but wonderful things for your future!

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